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Rod with Copper
    We can manufacture pultrusion products with different special core for customers.Features: production by one-time pultrusion,good outer insulation performance, high mechanical strength. They are mainly used in wall bushings and insulators for optical electrical products.
    Form I Pultrusion Rods with Copper Core( Optical fiber and other cores)


1.Our rod with copper is mainly used for composite wall bushing.
2.Rod with copper (diameter 16-130mm) can be designed and produced per requirements.
3.Please indicate specification of the core, outer diameter and length, color and technical requirements.

Why Tongyi Power Equipment/Technology?

a.honesty, sincerity, mutual benefit basis.
b.over 13 years experience in production of silicone rubber insulator products.
c.over 15 years experience in production of fiberglass rod, epoxy resin, pultrusion.
d.KEMA, WHRVI test reports, ISO 9001 approved company
e.response within 12 hours from Monday to Saturday(National Holiday Exclusively).
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