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SCB Series of Dry-Type Power Transformer
1. Safe, Non-liable for Combustion, Fire-proof, free of pollution,
It can also be installed directly in the load center.
2. Maintenance-free, simple installation, and low comprehensive operation cost.
3. Good performance in moisture proof, can operate in RH 100%; and it is also applicable to resume operation without pre-drying.
4. Low loss, low field emission, low noise, and strong in dissipation; It is applicable running with rated load under compulsive air-cooling.
5. Equipped with complete temperature protection system, which safeguards the transformer for a safe performance reliably.
6. High reliability, according to the study on the products in performance, the reliability targets of the product have already reached the advanced international level.
1. IEC, ANSI, GB and other international standards are applicable.
2. OEM and ODM is accessible to us, or we design and produce per drawings and specifications.
3. For more details about our power transformers, please visit Tongyi Power Technology.
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