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Insulator End Fitting
      Tongyi Power offers metal fittings mainly for insulators used in power transmission and distribution lines. Rated strength from 40kN to 222kN with material choices of forged steel and cast steel.


1. All our metal fittings are hot dip galvanized.
2. IEC, ANSI, GB and other international standards are applicable.
3. OEM is accessible to us, or we design and produce per drawings & specifications.

Why Tongyi Power Equipment/Technology?

a.honesty, sincerity, mutual benefit basis.
b.over 13 years experience in production of silicone rubber insulator products.
c.over 15 years experience in production of fiberglass rod, epoxy resin, pultrusion.
d.KEMA, WHRVI test reports, ISO 9001 approved company
e.response within 12 hours from Monday to Saturday(National Holiday Exclusively).
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