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ZBW/YBM Substation
ZBW/YBM series of combined substation is the combination of the high-voltage equipments, transformer, and low voltage electrical apparatus. It is used in the high-rise building, residential districts, urban and rural construction, hi-tech development zone, small and medium size enterprise, mine and oil fields and the temporary construction sites to receive and distribute the power.
1. Complete set, small sized, compacted structure, running safely, easy maintenance, and mobile.
2. Need smaller space to assemble and greatly reduces the construction cost.
3. Can be used in the ring net distribution system, double power distribution system.
4. New complete set equipments used for rural and urban substation construction and reformation.
1. IEC, ANSI, GB and other international standards are applicable.
2. OEM and ODM is accessible to us, or we design and produce per drawings and specifications.
3. For more details about our substations, please visit Tongyi Power Technology.
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